FMU Photography


A video production that highlights the different aspects of a human experiences. It strives to reach a level where it is not only a momento of the past, but an actual footage of your life.

benefits and features

FMU Photography


As a college student, I totally understand financial restrictions! I will work with you to achieve a quality product within your price range! Contact me right now!


I strive to not just make a video, but a video that tells a story. I will ensure that we form a meaningful video that goes beyond your ideas.


I usually meet up with all my clients over a coffee before shooting a film! I would love to get to know you so we can make a product that shows YOU!

Frederick Uy - Frederick Douglass Digital Story Telling

Being vulnerable and Being You.


This video reflects on my thoughts and experiences as I did a study abroad in London with Council of International Education Exchange as a Frederick Douglass Fellow.


As I walked around my environment, I noticed that I am the only Filipino in my community. I was a minority among the minorities. It felt weird. I felt rejected. I started trying to fit in with others, which led for me to be miserable and uncomfortable with my own self.


But, this trip to London changed my whole perspective about life. Now, I am proud to be Filipino. I am proud to be a minority among minorities. And, most of all, I am proud to be me.

CUHackIt: First Hackathon Experience (Claflin Goes to Clemson University)

Have you ever been to a Hackathon where you have no idea what to do?

 That was my experience for this event. It was a challenge, but it was full of learning moments. In fact, I encourage everyone to go to a Hackathon, expose themselves into the wild, and assimilate every information with a growth mindset! In fact, we won the best beginner hacker award! It was a great achievement and my team and I are really proud of it!


Voting is Fun: A New Approach to Modern Voting

This video provides a different insight of voting.


 Normally, the harsh stereotype for voting is boring because you have to go in lines, shading some circles, and choosing random people you probably don’t even know. This video aims to change that mindset and actually start thinking that voting is fun.


Thus, we utilized the rhythm and melody of the theme song of Spongebob SquarePants to bring a satire on the theme of voting hoping it will change some young adults mind to actually vote.